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    By browsing and using this website [www.msearch.pt] (hereinafter referred to as the website) you are considered a user hereof and as a ‘User’ you accept, without any reservation, these general terms of service, and any specific terms that may be defined; therefore, prior to browsing or using the website you should read these Terms of Service.
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    By accessing or using the site or downloading any material from it, the User expressly agrees to be bound by all the terms and conditions contained in these general conditions of use of the site www.msearch.pt. If you do not agree to the rules, you must not use the site nor download or subscribe any material or service that it contains.
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    The materials on this site are provided by Multipessoal Msearch S.A. (hereinafter referred to as MULTIPESSOAL), with registered office at Av. D. João II, no. 45, 8th floor, 1990-084 Lisbon, registered with the Commercial Registry Office of Lisbon, with the legal person’s unique registration and identification number (“NIPC”)508 841 593.
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    Access to the website is free for all persons aged 18 or more; Multipessoal shall not be liable for access by minors who are not duly authorised and/or supervised by parents and/or their representatives. By accessing the site, the User declares that he / she is over 18 years of age. The User acknowledges that the services provided by Multipessoal are aimed at persons over 18 years of age.
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    In the case of spontaneous applications sent to Multipessoal by any minor, will be automatically excluded, the owner being hereby informed of this condition, and there being no further communication.
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    At your entire discretion, you acknowledge and agree that you are exclusively liable for accessing for free and using the website and its respective contents. You agree to use this website, its contents and services in accordance with the law and these general terms.
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    Multipessoal will remove any website contents should it become aware that these are unlawful or infringe third party rights, or following a court or an administrative order.
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    Multipessoal may, from time to time and without notice, change the layout of the website.
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    To the fullest extent permitted by law, Multipessoal may amend these terms of service by publishing and providing Users such information on the website, so that Users may read such amended terms of service when accessing and prior to using the website. Therefore your use of the website after the changes have been made and after the notice has been published on the website, implies your acceptance of said amended general or specific terms.
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    Multipessoal may, without notice, temporarily suspend access to the website for maintenance, repair, update or improvement purposes.
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    To the fullest extent permitted by law, the contents you provide to Multipessoal on the website are the property of Multipessoal. Where personal information and data are concerned, these shall be processed in accordance with Multipessoal’s Privacy Policy available here.
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    Multipessoal recruits and promotes job opportunities among the website Users and applicants, upon request of Multipessoal’s clients (as employers).
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    Multipessoal publishes its clients’ job opportunities on the website, to which you may apply if they meet the requirements listed herein. For this purpose, you must register on the website and send your CV and other information requested in the registration form to Multipessoal. Submission of your CV and other information to Multipessoal does not guarantee that you will be contacted.
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    You may also register on the website and send your CV and information to Multipessoal spontaneously, without reference to a specific job opportunity. For this purpose, you may register on the website through the registration form and send your CV and other information requested in the registration form to Multipessoal. Submission of your CV and other information to Multipessoal does not guarantee that you will be contacted.
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    Submission of the CV and other information to Multipessoal does not guarantee that any potential employer will request information about you or that Multipessoal will contact you or that any job offer exists that is adequate to your profile, which will be assessed solely by the employer.
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    Should Multipessoal or any potential employer consider that the applicant’s profile matches the needs and requirements of a potential employer, if the applicant is available and if the potential employer so wishes, the applicant will be contacted and may be offered an interview, the terms of which shall be agreed between the applicant and the potential employer.
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    No interview implies that a job offer will be made to you by the potential employer.
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    It might be deemed as necessary the conduction of aptitude and/or psycho-technical tests online (computer-based) or in person (paper-based) in the context of the recruitment processes, which implies that an assessment of personal aspects concerning the candidates be made and that decisions based on the results of those tests be taken, which may lead to the continuation in or the exclusion of the candidate from the recruitment procedure. If a decision is taken solely on the basis of automated processing that has consequences for the processing of your application, prior and explicit consent shall be sought from the applicant, with the candidate having the right to have human intervention in the decision, to express his / her point of view and to challenge the decision adopted by Multipessoal. More information can be found in the Privacy Policy available here.
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    Any negotiations between you and potential employers are the sole responsibility of the negotiating parties, and Multipessoal shall not be involved or have any responsibility in said negotiations.
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    Multipessoal does not guarantee the existence of job opportunities or job offers or any conditions and/or duration of any job secured through the website, which shall be established directly between you and the potential employers.
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    If the User is no longer interested on the services mentioned above, he/she simply needs to inform Multipessoal by email, at which time his/her personal data will be eliminated by Multipessoal, without prejudice to the need for conservation for compliance with legal obligations and / or within the scope of judicial proceedings.


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    The user expressly acknowledges that for the purposes of entering a contract with Multipessoal and in order to provide the services described on the site, you need to collect and address certain information, including personal data.
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    Before providing your personal data to Multipessoal, you should read the personal data collection and processing terms, which are available for consultation in Multipessoal’s Privacy Policy here.
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    The Privacy Policy must be consulted and, if you agree to its terms, be confirmed before you provide your personal data to Multipessoal. If you do not agree with the terms, you should not provide your personal data to Multipessoal. In this case, you expressly acknowledge that Multipessoal may not be able to provide the services listed on the website.


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    The contents available on this website (including but not limited to photographs, images, logos, trade names, texts, images, charts, designs, sounds, databases, software, flow charts, audiovisual presentation, trademarks and patents, icons or any other distinctive signs that are able to be used industrially or commercially), are protected under Copyright and other intellectual and industrial property rights, and are owned by Multipessoal and/or third parties that have licensed use thereof to Multipessoal. You shall not be entitled to use such content without the prior express authorisation of Multipessoal or their respective owners.
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    To the fullest extent permitted by law, unless expressly authorised, you may not reproduce, transform, modify, disassemble, reverse engineer, distribute, lease, secure, make available or allow public access through any form of public disclosure of any of the elements mentioned in the previous paragraph.
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    You shall use the contents of the website for your personal use only and you undertake not to make any direct or indirect commercial use of the materials, elements and information available through the website.


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    Multipessoal does not control the use you or third parties make of the website, nor the information and content included herein by third parties; further, Multipessoal does not guarantee that you and/or third parties use the website in accordance with the law, these general terms, good morals, good practice and public order.
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    To the fullest extent permitted by law, Multipessoal shall not be liable for the use you and/or third parties make of the website.
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    All information contained on the website is provided to you as presented and Multipessoal disclaims all warranties, representations and links, express or implied, with respect to the information accessed from or via other websites, to the extent permitted under the applicable jurisdiction.
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    These general terms shall not preclude the application of specific terms which, in each case, are agreed with you and which supplement, amend and/or develop the general terms hereunder.
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    Multipessoal undertakes to make every effort to maintain the website operative at all times, avoid viruses or other threats that may cause changes in your computer system, as well as to provide accurate and updated information. However, there may be technical or involuntary inaccuracies and typos. Multipessoal does not guarantee the absence of said errors and/or inaccuracies or that the website is free of computer viruses, bugs or other threats, or that the features contained in the available materials will be uninterrupted, error-free or that the errors will be detected or fixed, and it shall not be liable for such incidents.
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    To the fullest extent permitted by law, Multipessoal provides no guarantee and, among other, the latter and its partners disclaim any liability for losses that may result from:
    • disruptions, glitches and/or shutdowns of the website and services that prevent access or delay the provision of the service. Multipessoal does not guarantee that the website will work properly at all times, or that it is fast, uninterrupted and error-free, or that all errors are fixed. Furthermore, it cannot guarantee the absence of viruses or threats that may cause changes in your computer system, in your electronic documents or files and it shall not be liable for losses;
    • lack of quality, updating, truthfulness, legality, accuracy, completeness, reliability and/or suitability of the contents of the website prepared, produced or issued by third parties, as well as the existence of flaws or defects of any kind of the contents transmitted, broadcast, stored and/or made available to you by such third parties that you access through the website or the services offered;
    • third party actions that infringe intellectual and industrial property rights, trade secrets, right to honour, privacy and right of personal portrayal, as well as legislation on unfair competition and illegal advertising;
    • illegitimate interference of third party that may affect the privacy and security of the use of the website and it does not guarantee in any way that unauthorised third parties may have knowledge of the circumstances of use of the services on the website by you, to the fullest extent permitted by law.
    • accessibility, operation or availability of content, information and services offered by third parties on portals linked to this website, as well as their quality, legality, reliability and usefulness. You acknowledge that the website may have hyperlinks to other websites and that Multipessoal is not directly or indirectly suggesting any approval, association, sponsorship, connection or relationship with such websites, unless specifically stated herein. By entering this website, you acknowledge and agree that Multipessoal did not review all the hyperlinks to this website and it is not responsible for the content of any off-site webpages or hyperlink to this website. Your connection to any other off-site webpages or other websites is made at your own risk.
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    Under no circumstances shall Multipessoal be liable for any errors or omissions of any kind resulting from the information it has provided on the website, losses of any kind, arising from any cause, including but not limited to actual damage or loss of profits, or any other kind of damages, direct or otherwise, somehow related to the use or performance of the information available or accessed through the website, except in cases of wilful misconduct or gross negligence of Multipessoal.


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    These general terms shall be governed and construed in accordance with Portuguese law and the Parties agree to submit any disputes related hereto to the sole jurisdiction of Portuguese courts.
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    If any part or provision of these general terms is deemed null and void or invalid, the other provisions shall remain in force and their validity shall not be affected. However, the provision deemed null and void or invalid shall be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by law.
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    Any notices sent to Multipessoal must be sent to:
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    You should keep a copy of these contractual terms in a separate file, on your device or in paper.