Career Management for employees

Msearch Outplacement is based on career management. The specialized consultant works with the client company, promoting the reintegration into the labor market for professionals in transition, through the existing Programs of Career Management, or the creation of a tailor-made program.

Msearch career managers operate in three major market areas: Engineering & Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing and Finance & Banking with specialized know-how in evaluation, motivation and driving skills of candidates, potentiating those skills and elevating them to better and more market opportunities.

The Outplacement team is a senior and heterogeneous team with over 10 years of experience and international accreditation in coaching. The management career program combines the diagnosis and conducts the professional towards their goals, with its deep market knowledge in their field of expertise in order to expand the possibilities of transition. Thus, not only promotes behavior change, as endows the professional with tools to help him to stand out in today's competitive market.

Msearch ensures a specialized support for companies in reorganization. Through a program of individual and personalized training, the possibilities for successful integration into the labor market widen, or to achieve the goals initially defined in the Msearch Outplacement program.

The Process of Career Management

The Process of Career Management

Defining Career Goals

Based on a detailed analysis of the transition moment in which the professional is, short, medium and long term career goals are set. This allows the professional to direct their path in a consistent manner based on their values, as well as their professional and personal interests.

Career Management supports the professional in their reflection on their career, adapting their expectations to market opportunities.

The professional is oriented towards a self-analysis in order to identify and define their career choices, based on a thorough knowledge of market trends, as well as to identify the key challenges and opportunities in addition to threats and constraints of the environment.

Diagnosis of Motivations

Another of the key stages of the transition process is the diagnosis of intrinsic motivations of the professional who seeks new challenges for their career.

Career Management assists the professional in the process of self-knowledge in order to identify their main motivations in search of new opportunities.

Definition of the Action Plan

After identifying and outlining the career goals and the main motivations of the professional, it’s time to set the action plan to facilitate their transition into the labor market.

At this stage, a communication strategy is planned to ensure that the qualifications and the professional’s assets stand out in the research process and new opportunities, creating their personal brand.

Career Management will support the professional in the definition of criteria to prepare a high quality cover letter, with valid and coherent arguments and an innovative and differentiating Curriculum Vita.

Core competencies that need to be developed are also identified in this action plan defining approach actions to the market.

A thorough study of their skills and personal and professional interests is carried out, in order to highlight their talents and vocations, with the purpose of reaching future professional success.

Personal Training Sessions

In the Individual Coaching process, the professional learns how to plan, to set goals, to act and meet tools that allow them to be able to achieve their goals. Characteristics such as motivation, communication and self-analysis are also developed during this process.

At this stage, the individuality of each person is respected, and all phases of the process are drawn according to the evolution of the professional.

Career Management will ensure the process by conducting several tests of training, advice and guidance which will develop the fundamental skills so that the professional reaches success as well as to define networking strategies and other methods of actively searching for a new challenge.


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